Common Foot Diseases

Our foot is one of the important parts of our body to support our mobility. And just like any part of our body there are some common diseases and health problems that are often attack our foots such as;

Cold and numb feet

These issues happen because the blood flow in our foot did not circulate properly. The lack of activity will blocked one of the arteries in your foot. This condition will disturb the blood circulation and to make mater worse, there are not enough fat in the feet that can be use as insulation to keep the feet warm.

To overcome this situation, you need to keep the feet warm with socks and keep moving your feet to stimulate the blood flow, so the blood can circulate properly. Changing your foot position once in a while and twitching the toes could help to reduce the risks of getting numb feet.

The main point is that you need to keep your feet active every once in a while. To increase the blood circulation faster you can soak your feet in hot or warm water or you can use special ointment or balm to keep your foot warm.

Corns on feet

This condition happen because the shoes that you wear did not fit properly with your feet. Because of this, the feet are suffered from the shoes friction and pressure. In the end on certain spot on the outer skin layer of your feet (especially the spot that always get too much friction and pressure with your shoes) become thickening and forming a cone shape.

To treat this condition, you need to shave off the upper part of the with small scissor or shaver without injuring the surround area of the corns, then use a corn plaster to make the skin on the corns area become soft. These plasters can be found easily in chemist shops or local drug store.

But for people who have diabetes, they should not use this procedure by themselves. They should go to their physician to treat this condition.

And the most important thing to prevent this condition is to stop wearing the shoes that did not fit properly.


Callouses is also a thickened outer skin layer just like corns. The differences is that callouses did not forming a cone shape and the location is under the foot at the base of finger toes. There are many treatment and medicine that can be found easily in the drug store. You can ask the pharmacist or your physician to find the treatment and medication that suit to your condition.

Heel pain

The pain in the heels usually is very painful in the morning but the pain is slowly gone during the day. This condition is caused by bursitis that can be treated by injecting medicine in the heel. To reduce the heel pain you need to reduce the heel pressure by wearing soft padded heeled sandals.

Itching Feet

The itching feet usually caused by the Athletes foot. Athletes foot caused by fungus which infected our feet. The dampness of our feet is a perfect place for fungus to grow causing itchy feet, redness and on the sever case it can cause blisters.

To prevent the Athletes foot, you must make sure that your feet are always dry. If the feet are sweating too much or the feet become too damp you can use powder to reduce the moist.

Simple Methods To Stay Healthy At Your Own Home

These days, the numbers of people who spend most of their time at home and working from their own home have increase. Despite the convenient of working from your own home, it can be just as stressful like working at regular office. You need to make some plans to keep your health in check by making your home healthier to stay in with.

Here are some simple methods to make the home environment able to support the health of the people who live in it;

Healthy snack and food

Rather than filling your house with treats, cookies and candy you should fill it with healthy snack and foods that can be enjoyed by children and adults instead. This also will build healthy habits for children and reduce the risks of obesity to your children. Fill your fridge with fruits and vegetable and put rice crackers in the cupboards.

Drink a glass of water every few hours

Our body often make mistake by assuming hungry when we are thirsty. This will make you grab some foods when you are actually thirsty. You could get yourselves with filter jug and fill it with mineral water and one to three slice of lemon, lime, strawberry or orange.

This will help you to quench your thirst and hold your hunger for longer time. Do not drink too much of coffee and tea since they can make you thirsty faster. Put the limit of two cups of teas or coffees per day.

Keep your mind out of boredom

Boredom can cause the sensation of hungry. This is our body’s way to inform you to change the scene immediately, so your body can reduce the amount of pressure and stress that received. You can take a little walk around the house, strolling around the neighborhood, light gardening, listening to music or other small relaxing activities.

No matter how small the change of your scenery, it will help to stimulate your brain and reduce the amount of stress. You can also do some light exercise or stretching every hours to refresh your brain. It is also can help you to prevent back pain from sitting for a long time.

Working out while doing the housework

Do the housework with energy and enthusiast. Turn the music to improve your spirit when scrubbing the floor, cleaning the furniture and windows, vacuuming, lawn mowing or sweeping. This light workout will make your body move and keep you healthier.

Make your home safer from dangerous chemical

Put cleaning substances or other dangerous chemical that you still use in the safe place and lock it so children cannot reach it easily. Throw away any unused or left over chemical safely from your house. It will be better if you can find more eco-friendly cleaner to replace the toxic and dangerous chemical substance that you are using in the house.

Exercising with the stairs in your home

The stairs in your home can be utilized as an exercise equipment to train your legs and your body. With this you will able to strengthen your hips, legs and ankle bones, increase the strength of your leg muscles and burn few calories along the way.

Make Your Sinusitis Feel Better

If you are suffering from sinusitis, it will be better if you can understand how to avoid this problem before it is happen or at least minimize it, therefore the sinus infection will not disturb your daily activity. Sinusitis can occur when the sinus cavities are inflamed or getting infected by bacteria or fungi.

This disease can also occur even if your sinus cavities are not infected. It is just getting inflamed for other reasons such as injuries. Despite there are no standard for preventive action to avoid the sinusitis from happening, there are some steps that could help you to avoid or minimize the risk from getting one.

So, if you are suffering from sinusitis at the moment or getting possible symptoms, doing the steps that are going to be explained below can help you to reduce your suffering, particularly if you continuously exposed to any situation that contributed to your sinusitis problems such as headache, drainage, irritated throat or any other causes.

Maintain the moisture level

At first step, you need to maintain the moisture level in your nasal passages and cavities as best as you can. To do this, you can use nasal irrigation and saline spray.

Avoid dry room

Do not go to any room that has dry or low moisture level. This can cause the nasal passages getting dry and make the irritation become worse. In worse scenario, you will get a nosebleed if you stay too long in this type of room.

Avoid air pollutant

Avoid any airborne irritants such as any kind of smokes (cigarettes, fireplace, grill or cars), polluted air, fumes from various chemicals such as household cleaners, fabric softener, hair spray, and many other irritants. Try to find out whether you are allergic to dust mites or pollen, if you are allergic to them, ask your doctor on how to handle this problem.

Protect your nose from dust

Piling up dust in the places that are seldom to get cleaned such as closet, basement, storage place can cause a lot problem to the sinusitis sufferers. Make sure to wear mask when you are entering these places to protect your nasal passages, especially if you are suffering from sinusitis.

Avoid chlorine pool

When you are suffering from sinusitis, you must not swim in the pool that is treated with chlorine. This substance can make the irritation and inflammation get worse. Try to find pools that are using salt water instead of chlorine.

Do not go on diving

If you like diving, then you should avoid this activity when you have sinusitis. The force of water pressure will make your sinus infection worse.


If you are traveling by an airplane, the air pressure may make your nose and ears feel uncomfortable. To solve this situation, you could try to swallowing.

Try to find out the things that can cause sinusitis to your body. This will help to find good solution to your sinus problems and you might find a good treatment to cure your sinusitis problems since people can react differently to a specific treatment for their sinusitis.

Basic Types Of Orthotics

Although the size is small orthotics is very useful device to help people in alleviating pain from foot problems. Many people who want to take the advantages from this useful device, especially for people who have high mobility and walk a lot during their activities and work.

People who like doing sports and exercise and also athletes can also use the orthotics to improve their performance. Their feet become more comfortable when doing the sports movement, so their endurance will also increase.

People with overweight problem can also get the benefit from this device. The orthotics will give additional support to reduce the extra stress that is received by their feet. The feet of a person with average weight also experience the same problem, but the pressure is rather small. But, the pressure is magnified due to extra weight for the overweight people.

Elderly can use the orthotics to alleviate fatigue and reduce discomfort on their feet, especially if they suffered from arthritis. Kids and teenagers with foot deformity can also use specialize orthotics which is prescribed especially for their need and condition.

For weak muscles or compromised joints can be help by using custom orthotics. This type of orthotics is more sophisticated than the regular one with more rigid structure. This orthotics is designed to affix perfectly to the body part for maximum results.

In sports, body movement will causing a great deal of burden and pressure to the foot. In normal condition, little imbalance in the foot will not cause any damage or injury. But, in sports activity the effect will be multiply due to sudden pressure weight that can cause injury and pain.

In this situation, the orthotics will compensate the lack of muscle balance during sports movement, so it will improve the efficiency of muscle function, improve the foot alignment, reduce the pressure, the movement become much easier and increase the muscle performance.

The foot movement will be controlled by the rigid orthotics. This type of orthotics are able to control the movement of foot joints which are located below the ankle joints. This orthotics is also able to alleviate leg and lower back pain.

Unlike the rigid orthotics which is made from hard and rigid material, the soft orthotics are made from soft and compressible materials. The soft orthotics have the function to reduce the pressure and shock that is received by feet, especially at sensitive or sore area. This type of orthotics can also improve the foot’s balance.

The soft orthotics are very useful to help people that suffer from arthritis or foot deformities where they have not enough fatty tissue in their foot. This orthotics can also be used by diabetic people.

There are also semi rigid that often used to treat athletes. This type orthotics made from the combination of soft material that is strengthen by harder materials. This orthotics will improve the foot’s balance when participating in sports games.

Understanding The Fibromyalgia Syndrome

There are millions of both men and women who are suffer from fibromyalgia syndrome. This disease tend to make the sufferers physical condition become weak because the pain is spread to various body parts and the sufferers hard to feel fresh even with enough rest and sleep.

Fibromyalgia often accompany by other health problems like the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or even auto-immune problems. Most physician can perform tender point test to diagnose the disease, but for more accurate information the sufferer can check to a Rheumatologist for second opinion.

Although tender point test can be used to diagnose the Fibromyalgia, this test is not a basic method to determine the disease. The trigger point test is associated to pain that related to the myofascial pain syndrome.

In many cases, doctors misdiagnose the disease with hypochondria or depression. In the case of fibromyalgia, the sufferers will have Substance P in their bodies which is the substance that transmit pain in their nerve system.

This condition will reduce their endurance against pain and increase their sensitivity for pain. This situation explain why the sufferers would feel extremely pain even with a small wound or injury.

Fibromyalgia sufferers must have enough sleep as part of their treatment. The fibromyalgia sufferers have difficulties to reach the stage four of sleep where the regeneration and body repairmen process occurs. That is why the sufferer often feels tired even after sleeping for long time.

Many fibromyalgia sufferers also experiencing fibro fog or also called as brain fog in addition to their condition. In this condition the sufferer will feel like being inside a fog that affecting to their senses. This problem usually caused by the brain is being over burden because all of the pain that are being experiencing by the sufferer.

Even this illness is not a lethal disease, most sufferer feels that the symptoms gradually is getting worsen. This is a common problem for Fibromyalgia sufferers.

Unfortunately this disease still has no cure until this day. But, there are various methods and treatment to help sufferer reduce the pain, improve their sleeping quality and control their problem.