Understanding The Fibromyalgia Syndrome

There are millions of both men and women who are suffer from fibromyalgia syndrome. This disease tend to make the sufferers physical condition become weak because the pain is spread to various body parts and the sufferers hard to feel fresh even with enough rest and sleep.

Fibromyalgia often accompany by other health problems like the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or even auto-immune problems. Most physician can perform tender point test to diagnose the disease, but for more accurate information the sufferer can check to a Rheumatologist for second opinion.

Although tender point test can be used to diagnose the Fibromyalgia, this test is not a basic method to determine the disease. The trigger point test is associated to pain that related to the myofascial pain syndrome.

In many cases, doctors misdiagnose the disease with hypochondria or depression. In the case of fibromyalgia, the sufferers will have Substance P in their bodies which is the substance that transmit pain in their nerve system.

This condition will reduce their endurance against pain and increase their sensitivity for pain. This situation explain why the sufferers would feel extremely pain even with a small wound or injury.

Fibromyalgia sufferers must have enough sleep as part of their treatment. The fibromyalgia sufferers have difficulties to reach the stage four of sleep where the regeneration and body repairmen process occurs. That is why the sufferer often feels tired even after sleeping for long time.

Many fibromyalgia sufferers also experiencing fibro fog or also called as brain fog in addition to their condition. In this condition the sufferer will feel like being inside a fog that affecting to their senses. This problem usually caused by the brain is being over burden because all of the pain that are being experiencing by the sufferer.

Even this illness is not a lethal disease, most sufferer feels that the symptoms gradually is getting worsen. This is a common problem for Fibromyalgia sufferers.

Unfortunately this disease still has no cure until this day. But, there are various methods and treatment to help sufferer reduce the pain, improve their sleeping quality and control their problem.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

In United States there are about 5 out of 1000 people who are suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Although this condition can happen to both male and female, the CFS affect women more than man, especially in the 40 to 50 group of age. Although the disorder is real, many physician believe that the CFS is more to psychological problem rather than physical health problem or an extension problem from other illness.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a hidden disease which has not yet discovered its root or original problem. And until now there are no sure methods to diagnose the present of this disorder in a person’s body. Even a blood test or brain scan still cannot detect this disease. Therefore, this condition is quite frustrating for people who are affected with the CFS.

People aware that they have CFS after their body have showing some symptoms that indicating they are affected with the CFS such as;

Feeling extremely exhausted that cannot get rid of although the person have sleeping for a long time and this condition occurs for weeks or even months.

Experiencing the loss of memory, often forget, hard to concentrate or often feeling confuse.

The lymph nodes in the armpits or neck feel softer

Joint pain but there are not any sign of the joint area become swell or redness

Hard to get sleep

Feeling fatigue after exercising that last for more than a day

Extreme fatigue that render that person become unable to perform their daily function and activities

The CFS symptoms become worse after having light exercise

Become too sensitive to sunlight

The first thing you need to do when you suspect or experiencing some of the CFS symptoms is to make sure that you really affected with the CFS. You can ask your doctor to perform some test to find out if you really have the CFS.

After you are positive to have the CFS, you can do these methods to help you to overcome the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome;

Consume a proper diet with balanced nutrition with enough fiber such as vegetables and fruits. Minimize the consumption of foods and drinks that contain high salt, sugar, animal protein and saturated fat.

Mild daily exercise

Natural medication to overcome the lack of sleeping, stress or depression

Consume additional nutrition by taking the recommended supplement from your doctor to improve the immune system

Keep yourselves knowledgeable about the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, especially the latest update to find out if there is any new information that can help you to overcome the disorder.

The Ability To Improve Health With Your Action

Everybody are certainly have some health related issues that brings impact to their daily live. It could be diabetes, cholesterol, back pain, fatigue, slip disc, weight problem, injuries from accident in the past, headache, hernia or flu.

Whether you have cold, heart problems, increasing cholesterol level, ankle surgery from accident or any other health related problems, you will always have to face between two choice that will affect your life. Those choices are;

Do not take any action and letting the disease stay without proper treatment and take over the control of your body.

Take proper treatment to remove the disease from your body and take over the full function of your body.

Any normal person will definitely choose the last option. Unfortunately there are many people who are still choosing the first option. Many people are willingly to be push around by their bad habits, give up on their health issues and problems, putting their work or entertainment more focus than their own health.

People should fight and resist to whatever it is that makes them set a side and neglected their own health issues. This condition will bring negative effects to your health and ruin your chance and ability to enjoy your beautiful life.

Do not only setting up the plan and make an empty promises to yourselves about taking the right measurement to handle your health issues without really make any action to realize your thought. So, you must take an action against those thing that brings harm to your health and ruin your present and future life.

Here are few samples when taking the action to handle any health problems that happen in your life;

When you are suffer because the pain in the wrist, you need to perform some stretches that you know will relief from the pain.

If you are suffering from back pain, you need to perform the stretches that you’ve been ignoring. And if the problem is still remain, you need to see your physician to find out the right action that will help you to remove the pain.

If you get a diabetes, you need to start changing your diet immediately. Encase you do not have the clue how to do it, you need to do some researches to find out the right way to do it.

Whether the health problems might be cause by your own choices, lack of guidance or unfortunate incident beyond our control, you need to remember these two aspects which are;

The you in the current state is not who you are in the future from now. Whether you will take the proper action or not it is all your own decision.

Your body is constantly changing since it is a dynamic structure. Your body will always changing as the time goes by, therefore the truth is that you are able to make the decision that will affect your body and health according to the changes that will happen.

Basic Knowledge Of Blood Pressure

As we already know that there are countless methods to improve a person’s health. One of the best ways to do it by checking our blood pressure regularly. Blood pressure is the amount of pressure of a person blood in the blood vessels and veins that channels the blood through the entire body from the heart.

Although the average blood pressure of a person can be determined, the truth is that blood pressure is vary throughout the day. The amount of blood pressure is influenced by various aspects such as foods that have been consumed, emotional states, activities, habits and many other things.

When measure the blood pressure, people will normally has two different results. The first result is the systolic pressure which is higher. The systolic pressure is the heart beats that makes the blood flow throughout the body. And the second measurement is the diastolic pressure that indicate the blood pressure when the heart take a short stop between beats, which will naturally be lower.

In hypertension, the blood pressure is getting high measurement because the pressure is higher than normal. In most cases the person’s lifestyle contribute big factor that cause this problem among other factors.

In United Kingdom, lately discovered that there is an increase in adult person who have high blood pressure. The risk of getting high blood pressure is also tend to increase as we get older. High blood pressure is also heredity, lack of exercise, alcohol consumption, poor diet and as we mention earlier is the lifestyle.

In most people who have high blood pressure, this condition do not show any symptoms or bad side effect. They can still feel fine even when they bodies get the hypertension. Therefore, a regular blood pressure check is really helpful to reduce the risk of getting high blood pressure related diseases such as strokes, heart issues or organs damages.

Changing in to healthy life style is always the best solution to fight high blood pressure such as proper diets, enough exercise and healthy habits. By improving the blood pressure, you will also improve your overall health.

The Good And The Bad Of Cholesterol

These days high cholesterol is a common symptom that often diagnosed by many doctors from their patients. Cholesterol has been known as one of the biggest threats that can cause heart disease. But, the truth is cholesterol is very useful substance in our body to help build various other substance to build our bodies.

Cholesterol is made by our liver inside our bodies. The liver produce the cholesterol to make digestion acids to digest the fat from the foods that we consume. Cholesterol is also useful to help the regeneration process in repairing and building our body cells. Other functions for cholesterol is as part to make testosterone and estrogen hormone.

Unfortunately, most people know about cholesterol from its bad effects only. So, if this substance is very useful for our body, why does cholesterol can put our health at risk? The answer is just like any other useful stuffs that exist, it can turn in to a bad thing if it is exist in excessive amount.

Just like its name, high cholesterol mean that the amount of cholesterol in the body is over the limit. Many researches has proofed that high cholesterol increases the risk of getting heart attack and arteries clogged. But, these risks can be lower down to 40% when proper action is perform after a person is diagnosed with high cholesterol at the early stage.

The symptoms

At this time, the visible symptoms for high cholesterol have not yet been found. So, the most accurate method to find out whether a person has a high cholesterol level or not is by a blood test.

A person that is looking healthy could get a high cholesterol without being notice by other people. But, certain health problems can become an early sign for high cholesterol, although those health problems may related to stroke, vascular disease or coronary disease.

Reducing the cholesterol level

If a person is diagnosed with high cholesterol level, their physician will surely suggest some immediate action to reduce the cholesterol level. Depend on the case, the method to reduce the cholesterol level can be combination of various diet and exercise programs, and if it needed, the doctors will also include some medications to help the patient reducing their cholesterol level.

To control the cholesterol level, it will be better to perform blood test regularly once every three years for healthy people and much sooner for people with high cholesterol level. This is to ensure the success of treatment to reduce the cholesterol level.