Basic Information About Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a disease caused by an enterovirus that infected human and other mammals from orofacial. Hep A can enter our body easily from the foods and drinks that we consume. After entering our body, the virus will cause an inflammation of the liver or known as hepatitis.

Depending on the health condition of the people who are infected with the Hep A viruses, the severity of Hepatitis A are vary from mild to acute symptom. Unlike the other types of Hepatitis such as Hepatitis B and C, the Hepatitis A is not a life threatening disease and can cured easily, especially if the patient health is in excellent condition. But, in severe case and the patient did not get proper treatment, it can cause acute liver failure that could risking the patient life.

After the patients get infected with the Hep A, their immune system will develop antibodies that can help them eliminate the Hep A viruses from their body. Their body will keep producing the antibodies for Hepatitis A viruses for the rest of their life, creating permanent immunity to the disease.

The symptoms

There are few common symptoms that often be found from people who are infected with the Hep A virus such as; losing their appetite, dark urine, fever, stomach ache, yellow pigmentation on the skin or jaundice, vomiting, tired easily, and nausea.

The treatment

There are no special treatments for this disease. The treatment will depend on the severity of the sufferer, and most of the treatments have the main goal to improve the patient condition and relieving the symptoms until the patients build up their own antibodies against the Hepatitis A.


This disease can be avoided easily by maintaining proper sanitation and hygiene especially to our diets. In the areas where there are high risks of Hepatitis A, a Hep A vaccination often used to prevent the disease from happening.

There are also other preventive action that can be used to avoid the Hepatitis A such as:

Only drink water from trusted and reliable sources

Cook shellfish thoroughly prior consume it

Clean and disinfected the bathroom thoroughly after using it

Wash your hands with soap and warm water thoroughly when you are going to prepare the food or when eating, and after sexual activity.