Basic Knowledge On Tuberculosis Disease

Tuberculosis is a dangerous infection caused by certain bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb). In most cases the Tuberculosis or often referred as TB for short usually attack our lungs. The TB can also attack the genitourinary system, central nervous system, bones and joints, circulatory system and lymphatic system.

The growth of the Mtb is quite slow. It is divides and multiplied itself around every 16 to 20 hours which is much slower than other bacteria. Most bacteria will multiply in less than an hour or even in few minutes.

But, the slow growths of Mtb become advantages and give good chance for us to get quick treatment for the Tuberculosis. It will be very frightening if the Mtb can multiply in just few minutes, the outbreak will be fast and dreadful.

The disease is highly contagious. If the TB does not handle properly it can spread quickly and deadly. TB has infecting millions of people and took the life of many people every year, especially the people who live in developing countries.

About 90% of people who are infected by the disease have asymptomatic latent TB infection (LTBI). The people who have the LTBI will have higher risk to get the active Tuberculosis disease. The Tuberculosis is among top five of the most lethal diseases in the world where it took the life of around two million people around the world.

Usually the TB infection is waxes and wanes. Proper treatment using antibiotics will help to kill and reduce the Mtb and heal the infected areas. The areas which was infected by the TB will be covered by scar tissue.

The handling procedures for the TB treatment are very extensive. They are including a physical examination, chest X-ray, checking the medical history, micro biologic smears and cultures, a serological test and a tuberculin skin test.

The treatment will require a complete medical evaluation. But, due to the severity of the disease, the intensive process is necessary to make sure the Tuberculosis is treated properly and cured completely.