Basic Types Of Orthotics

Although the size is small orthotics is very useful device to help people in alleviating pain from foot problems. Many people who want to take the advantages from this useful device, especially for people who have high mobility and walk a lot during their activities and work.

People who like doing sports and exercise and also athletes can also use the orthotics to improve their performance. Their feet become more comfortable when doing the sports movement, so their endurance will also increase.

People with overweight problem can also get the benefit from this device. The orthotics will give additional support to reduce the extra stress that is received by their feet. The feet of a person with average weight also experience the same problem, but the pressure is rather small. But, the pressure is magnified due to extra weight for the overweight people.

Elderly can use the orthotics to alleviate fatigue and reduce discomfort on their feet, especially if they suffered from arthritis. Kids and teenagers with foot deformity can also use specialize orthotics which is prescribed especially for their need and condition.

For weak muscles or compromised joints can be help by using custom orthotics. This type of orthotics is more sophisticated than the regular one with more rigid structure. This orthotics is designed to affix perfectly to the body part for maximum results.

In sports, body movement will causing a great deal of burden and pressure to the foot. In normal condition, little imbalance in the foot will not cause any damage or injury. But, in sports activity the effect will be multiply due to sudden pressure weight that can cause injury and pain.

In this situation, the orthotics will compensate the lack of muscle balance during sports movement, so it will improve the efficiency of muscle function, improve the foot alignment, reduce the pressure, the movement become much easier and increase the muscle performance.

The foot movement will be controlled by the rigid orthotics. This type of orthotics are able to control the movement of foot joints which are located below the ankle joints. This orthotics is also able to alleviate leg and lower back pain.

Unlike the rigid orthotics which is made from hard and rigid material, the soft orthotics are made from soft and compressible materials. The soft orthotics have the function to reduce the pressure and shock that is received by feet, especially at sensitive or sore area. This type of orthotics can also improve the foot’s balance.

The soft orthotics are very useful to help people that suffer from arthritis or foot deformities where they have not enough fatty tissue in their foot. This orthotics can also be used by diabetic people.

There are also semi rigid that often used to treat athletes. This type orthotics made from the combination of soft material that is strengthen by harder materials. This orthotics will improve the foot’s balance when participating in sports games.