Personal Health Management In Current Health Care Condition

Since a long time ago, the personal health management has been a ground principal in fighting the chronic disease. But, many chronic disease patient often do not care about it and only consider the healthcare system as a place to get cured.

This attitude should not be tolerate any more because it will only provide short term relief to the problems and do not get medical professional handling thoroughly. This is serious matter since currently more than 50% adults suffer from at least one of chronic disease.

That is why most medical provider are battling to find resources to give chronic disease patient proper quality treatment but with affordable cost.

The final goal of the personal health management is to make the patient more than just following their physician instruction. The patient must also play an active role in finding the answer for their healthcare problems to improve their own health condition.

This is mean that the chronic disease patent must be active to manage their own healthcare. They would not search and do it alone though, the patient will need to cooperate with professional medical providers to understand the problem, setting up the objectives they want to achieve and building a plan.

Other problem when provide an affective personal health management most patient do not always follow medical appointment with their doctor. This is happen because the more often the patient going to their medical appointment, the more cost they must spent to pay the medical bills.

And the appointment itself is not always about medical treatment for the patient, but some of the appointment is just about consultation and changing information among patient with their physician or medical experts.

This is mean that an effective personal health management plan require good and strong communication when the patient meet with the medical professional.

During its application over the years, few different plans have been incorporated to the program to improve the result of personal health management. One thing for sure that any plan that is use should flexible enough so it can be applied in several conditions.

This is happen due to it will be hard for the health care provider to cooperate using multiple plans. There are some aspects that should be included in any personal health management plan which are;

Patient knowledge regarding to their condition

Routine check-up and symptoms management

The agreement between the patient and medical professional when deciding to bring medical action in to the plan

Setting up communication line between the patient and the medical expert other than meeting face to face

Building and maintain a proper nutrition and exercise plans

Keep searching the proper method to perform all of the aspect above with minimal effect to the patient’s life


When selecting the personal health management plan that suit to the patient condition, the plan should include some of these aspect above.

This is necessary because many chronic illness have complication which is need to be aware of. So, using a plan that can be use in several conditions will be more cost-effective in general because it reduce the needs of several applications.

Careful planning will assist chronic disease patients to achieve the two basic goals form the modern personal health management which are; empowering the patient and improve the communication between patients with their medical providers. Patient personal health management playing main role to provide solution for the developing health care crisis.

The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation To Your Weight Loss Program

Some people believes that the less sleep you have the more calories will be burn. Well the assumption might be true at some point, since our body will require more energy when we are awake compare than when we are sleeping.

But, in reality this condition is not as simple as that. When people do not sleep enough, their energy will be greatly reduced.

This condition will make their brain thought that their body need more nourishment to restore the energy that is running low. Therefore, in the end they will starting to feel very hungry and tend to eat more especially for heavy meals that contain many calories like cakes, soft drink or ice cream.

The lack of sleep will also reduce our body ability in processing glucose. The glucose that is consumed when people have sleep deprivation cannot be process efficiently, so most of them will be stored as fat.

Finally, the people with sleep deprivation can gain weight easier. This condition also increase the chance of getting diabetes because there is too many glucose in body.

By not having enough sleep, the cortisol hormone that causing stress will also increase while metabolism is slowing down. Which mean that they are actually burn less calories.

If this condition continue, not only people who have sleep deprivation can fall into depression, their health are also at risk.

One of the easiest way to improve metabolism is by performing regular work out. Unfortunately, it will be difficult to working out when you tired and bad mood.

Therefore having enough amount of sleep is very crucial if you want to reduce your weight or at least maintain it. Here are some simple tips that could help you to the right amount of sleep and reduce sleeping deprivation;

First, you should not taking a nap for too long during the day. Sleeping too long during the day can disturb body circadian rhythm and make you stay up all night long.

Go easy on mid night snacks. Avoid consuming any foods or drink that contain stimulants such as caffeine, black tea, alcohol or sugar. This substances will make your sleep deprivation become worse. You must also avoid heavy meals that contain many carb and fat, because it will increase body fat if you consume it when the metabolism is slowing down at night.

Increase or at least maintain your workout schedule. You can do it without have to go to the gym. You can jog around the block or walk longer when doing daily activities such as working or shopping, using stairs rather than lift.

By exercising more the metabolism will be improved which will help you to have better sleep and with proper sleep, the amount of stress will be reduced significantly.

Manage your daily schedule. You should reduce the amount of activity in the evening so your body can relax before going to bed and sleep easier.

Search for help from others who have knowledge about your situation. There are many books, website, physicians or therapist that can help you to solve your sleeping deprivation problems.

Simple Methods To Stay Healthy At Your Own Home

These days, the numbers of people who spend most of their time at home and working from their own home have increase. Despite the convenient of working from your own home, it can be just as stressful like working at regular office. You need to make some plans to keep your health in check by making your home healthier to stay in with.

Here are some simple methods to make the home environment able to support the health of the people who live in it;

Healthy snack and food

Rather than filling your house with treats, cookies and candy you should fill it with healthy snack and foods that can be enjoyed by children and adults instead. This also will build healthy habits for children and reduce the risks of obesity to your children. Fill your fridge with fruits and vegetable and put rice crackers in the cupboards.

Drink a glass of water every few hours

Our body often make mistake by assuming hungry when we are thirsty. This will make you grab some foods when you are actually thirsty. You could get yourselves with filter jug and fill it with mineral water and one to three slice of lemon, lime, strawberry or orange.

This will help you to quench your thirst and hold your hunger for longer time. Do not drink too much of coffee and tea since they can make you thirsty faster. Put the limit of two cups of teas or coffees per day.

Keep your mind out of boredom

Boredom can cause the sensation of hungry. This is our body’s way to inform you to change the scene immediately, so your body can reduce the amount of pressure and stress that received. You can take a little walk around the house, strolling around the neighborhood, light gardening, listening to music or other small relaxing activities.

No matter how small the change of your scenery, it will help to stimulate your brain and reduce the amount of stress. You can also do some light exercise or stretching every hours to refresh your brain. It is also can help you to prevent back pain from sitting for a long time.

Working out while doing the housework

Do the housework with energy and enthusiast. Turn the music to improve your spirit when scrubbing the floor, cleaning the furniture and windows, vacuuming, lawn mowing or sweeping. This light workout will make your body move and keep you healthier.

Make your home safer from dangerous chemical

Put cleaning substances or other dangerous chemical that you still use in the safe place and lock it so children cannot reach it easily. Throw away any unused or left over chemical safely from your house. It will be better if you can find more eco-friendly cleaner to replace the toxic and dangerous chemical substance that you are using in the house.

Exercising with the stairs in your home

The stairs in your home can be utilized as an exercise equipment to train your legs and your body. With this you will able to strengthen your hips, legs and ankle bones, increase the strength of your leg muscles and burn few calories along the way.

The Ability To Improve Health With Your Action

Everybody are certainly have some health related issues that brings impact to their daily live. It could be diabetes, cholesterol, back pain, fatigue, slip disc, weight problem, injuries from accident in the past, headache, hernia or flu.

Whether you have cold, heart problems, increasing cholesterol level, ankle surgery from accident or any other health related problems, you will always have to face between two choice that will affect your life. Those choices are;

Do not take any action and letting the disease stay without proper treatment and take over the control of your body.

Take proper treatment to remove the disease from your body and take over the full function of your body.

Any normal person will definitely choose the last option. Unfortunately there are many people who are still choosing the first option. Many people are willingly to be push around by their bad habits, give up on their health issues and problems, putting their work or entertainment more focus than their own health.

People should fight and resist to whatever it is that makes them set a side and neglected their own health issues. This condition will bring negative effects to your health and ruin your chance and ability to enjoy your beautiful life.

Do not only setting up the plan and make an empty promises to yourselves about taking the right measurement to handle your health issues without really make any action to realize your thought. So, you must take an action against those thing that brings harm to your health and ruin your present and future life.

Here are few samples when taking the action to handle any health problems that happen in your life;

When you are suffer because the pain in the wrist, you need to perform some stretches that you know will relief from the pain.

If you are suffering from back pain, you need to perform the stretches that you’ve been ignoring. And if the problem is still remain, you need to see your physician to find out the right action that will help you to remove the pain.

If you get a diabetes, you need to start changing your diet immediately. Encase you do not have the clue how to do it, you need to do some researches to find out the right way to do it.

Whether the health problems might be cause by your own choices, lack of guidance or unfortunate incident beyond our control, you need to remember these two aspects which are;

The you in the current state is not who you are in the future from now. Whether you will take the proper action or not it is all your own decision.

Your body is constantly changing since it is a dynamic structure. Your body will always changing as the time goes by, therefore the truth is that you are able to make the decision that will affect your body and health according to the changes that will happen.

The Good And The Bad Of Cholesterol

These days high cholesterol is a common symptom that often diagnosed by many doctors from their patients. Cholesterol has been known as one of the biggest threats that can cause heart disease. But, the truth is cholesterol is very useful substance in our body to help build various other substance to build our bodies.

Cholesterol is made by our liver inside our bodies. The liver produce the cholesterol to make digestion acids to digest the fat from the foods that we consume. Cholesterol is also useful to help the regeneration process in repairing and building our body cells. Other functions for cholesterol is as part to make testosterone and estrogen hormone.

Unfortunately, most people know about cholesterol from its bad effects only. So, if this substance is very useful for our body, why does cholesterol can put our health at risk? The answer is just like any other useful stuffs that exist, it can turn in to a bad thing if it is exist in excessive amount.

Just like its name, high cholesterol mean that the amount of cholesterol in the body is over the limit. Many researches has proofed that high cholesterol increases the risk of getting heart attack and arteries clogged. But, these risks can be lower down to 40% when proper action is perform after a person is diagnosed with high cholesterol at the early stage.

The symptoms

At this time, the visible symptoms for high cholesterol have not yet been found. So, the most accurate method to find out whether a person has a high cholesterol level or not is by a blood test.

A person that is looking healthy could get a high cholesterol without being notice by other people. But, certain health problems can become an early sign for high cholesterol, although those health problems may related to stroke, vascular disease or coronary disease.

Reducing the cholesterol level

If a person is diagnosed with high cholesterol level, their physician will surely suggest some immediate action to reduce the cholesterol level. Depend on the case, the method to reduce the cholesterol level can be combination of various diet and exercise programs, and if it needed, the doctors will also include some medications to help the patient reducing their cholesterol level.

To control the cholesterol level, it will be better to perform blood test regularly once every three years for healthy people and much sooner for people with high cholesterol level. This is to ensure the success of treatment to reduce the cholesterol level.