Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

In United States there are about 5 out of 1000 people who are suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Although this condition can happen to both male and female, the CFS affect women more than man, especially in the 40 to 50 group of age. Although the disorder is real, many physician believe that the CFS is more to psychological problem rather than physical health problem or an extension problem from other illness.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a hidden disease which has not yet discovered its root or original problem. And until now there are no sure methods to diagnose the present of this disorder in a person’s body. Even a blood test or brain scan still cannot detect this disease. Therefore, this condition is quite frustrating for people who are affected with the CFS.

People aware that they have CFS after their body have showing some symptoms that indicating they are affected with the CFS such as;

Feeling extremely exhausted that cannot get rid of although the person have sleeping for a long time and this condition occurs for weeks or even months.

Experiencing the loss of memory, often forget, hard to concentrate or often feeling confuse.

The lymph nodes in the armpits or neck feel softer

Joint pain but there are not any sign of the joint area become swell or redness

Hard to get sleep

Feeling fatigue after exercising that last for more than a day

Extreme fatigue that render that person become unable to perform their daily function and activities

The CFS symptoms become worse after having light exercise

Become too sensitive to sunlight

The first thing you need to do when you suspect or experiencing some of the CFS symptoms is to make sure that you really affected with the CFS. You can ask your doctor to perform some test to find out if you really have the CFS.

After you are positive to have the CFS, you can do these methods to help you to overcome the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome;

Consume a proper diet with balanced nutrition with enough fiber such as vegetables and fruits. Minimize the consumption of foods and drinks that contain high salt, sugar, animal protein and saturated fat.

Mild daily exercise

Natural medication to overcome the lack of sleeping, stress or depression

Consume additional nutrition by taking the recommended supplement from your doctor to improve the immune system

Keep yourselves knowledgeable about the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, especially the latest update to find out if there is any new information that can help you to overcome the disorder.