Common Foot Diseases

Our foot is one of the important parts of our body to support our mobility. And just like any part of our body there are some common diseases and health problems that are often attack our foots such as;

Cold and numb feet

These issues happen because the blood flow in our foot did not circulate properly. The lack of activity will blocked one of the arteries in your foot. This condition will disturb the blood circulation and to make mater worse, there are not enough fat in the feet that can be use as insulation to keep the feet warm.

To overcome this situation, you need to keep the feet warm with socks and keep moving your feet to stimulate the blood flow, so the blood can circulate properly. Changing your foot position once in a while and twitching the toes could help to reduce the risks of getting numb feet.

The main point is that you need to keep your feet active every once in a while. To increase the blood circulation faster you can soak your feet in hot or warm water or you can use special ointment or balm to keep your foot warm.

Corns on feet

This condition happen because the shoes that you wear did not fit properly with your feet. Because of this, the feet are suffered from the shoes friction and pressure. In the end on certain spot on the outer skin layer of your feet (especially the spot that always get too much friction and pressure with your shoes) become thickening and forming a cone shape.

To treat this condition, you need to shave off the upper part of the with small scissor or shaver without injuring the surround area of the corns, then use a corn plaster to make the skin on the corns area become soft. These plasters can be found easily in chemist shops or local drug store.

But for people who have diabetes, they should not use this procedure by themselves. They should go to their physician to treat this condition.

And the most important thing to prevent this condition is to stop wearing the shoes that did not fit properly.


Callouses is also a thickened outer skin layer just like corns. The differences is that callouses did not forming a cone shape and the location is under the foot at the base of finger toes. There are many treatment and medicine that can be found easily in the drug store. You can ask the pharmacist or your physician to find the treatment and medication that suit to your condition.

Heel pain

The pain in the heels usually is very painful in the morning but the pain is slowly gone during the day. This condition is caused by bursitis that can be treated by injecting medicine in the heel. To reduce the heel pain you need to reduce the heel pressure by wearing soft padded heeled sandals.

Itching Feet

The itching feet usually caused by the Athletes foot. Athletes foot caused by fungus which infected our feet. The dampness of our feet is a perfect place for fungus to grow causing itchy feet, redness and on the sever case it can cause blisters.

To prevent the Athletes foot, you must make sure that your feet are always dry. If the feet are sweating too much or the feet become too damp you can use powder to reduce the moist.