Different Type Of Typhus You Should Know About

Typhus is a type of disease which is caused by certain bacteria known as Rickettsiae bacteria. This bacteria is also known to cause other type of diseases such as Rickettsialpox, Rocky Mountan spotted fever or Boutonneuse fever. The person who got this disease will suffer from high fever that can go up to 102O F or 39O C along with terrible headache, dizziness and cloudy vision.

Due to the similarity of the symptoms in many tropical countries the typhus often get mistaken with dengue fever disease which is caused by certain type of mosquito that can be very lethal if it do not get the right treatment right away.

Typhus disease can be classified in to three different types which are;

The epidemic typhus or also called as louse-bourne typhus

This typhus type often happen to many people at the same time and become epidemic. Often happen after massive disaster due to wars or natural disaster where people often gather in a large crowd to shelter themselves and poor hygiene.

The typhus is spread by human body louse which has been infected by the typhus bacteria. Since many people are gather at the same place, the louse can easily travel from person to other person quickly, make the epidemic spread faster.

This typhus is also called as prison fever or ship fever since in the past it is often happen in prison or ship where many people are gather in a same area. The symptoms from this type of typhus are; headache, rash, exhaustion, fever, and chills.

Scrub typhus or also known as chigger-borne typhus

This type of typhus is spread by very tiny mites called chiggers. The chigger often found in areas where there are many scrubs plants. The common symptoms from this typhus type are; fever, chills, muscle pain, headache, coughing and gastrointestinal problems.

Endemic typhus or also known as flea born typhus or murine typhus

This typhus type is often spread by rat fleas. But in some case it can also spread by fleas from other animal which has been infected by the typhus bacteria. The common symptoms from this typhus type is fever, chills, coughing, joint pain, vomiting and headache.

Typhus treatment usually using tetracycline medicine or other antibiotics that related to tetracycline.