Make Your Sinusitis Feel Better

If you are suffering from sinusitis, it will be better if you can understand how to avoid this problem before it is happen or at least minimize it, therefore the sinus infection will not disturb your daily activity. Sinusitis can occur when the sinus cavities are inflamed or getting infected by bacteria or fungi.

This disease can also occur even if your sinus cavities are not infected. It is just getting inflamed for other reasons such as injuries. Despite there are no standard for preventive action to avoid the sinusitis from happening, there are some steps that could help you to avoid or minimize the risk from getting one.

So, if you are suffering from sinusitis at the moment or getting possible symptoms, doing the steps that are going to be explained below can help you to reduce your suffering, particularly if you continuously exposed to any situation that contributed to your sinusitis problems such as headache, drainage, irritated throat or any other causes.

Maintain the moisture level

At first step, you need to maintain the moisture level in your nasal passages and cavities as best as you can. To do this, you can use nasal irrigation and saline spray.

Avoid dry room

Do not go to any room that has dry or low moisture level. This can cause the nasal passages getting dry and make the irritation become worse. In worse scenario, you will get a nosebleed if you stay too long in this type of room.

Avoid air pollutant

Avoid any airborne irritants such as any kind of smokes (cigarettes, fireplace, grill or cars), polluted air, fumes from various chemicals such as household cleaners, fabric softener, hair spray, and many other irritants. Try to find out whether you are allergic to dust mites or pollen, if you are allergic to them, ask your doctor on how to handle this problem.

Protect your nose from dust

Piling up dust in the places that are seldom to get cleaned such as closet, basement, storage place can cause a lot problem to the sinusitis sufferers. Make sure to wear mask when you are entering these places to protect your nasal passages, especially if you are suffering from sinusitis.

Avoid chlorine pool

When you are suffering from sinusitis, you must not swim in the pool that is treated with chlorine. This substance can make the irritation and inflammation get worse. Try to find pools that are using salt water instead of chlorine.

Do not go on diving

If you like diving, then you should avoid this activity when you have sinusitis. The force of water pressure will make your sinus infection worse.


If you are traveling by an airplane, the air pressure may make your nose and ears feel uncomfortable. To solve this situation, you could try to swallowing.

Try to find out the things that can cause sinusitis to your body. This will help to find good solution to your sinus problems and you might find a good treatment to cure your sinusitis problems since people can react differently to a specific treatment for their sinusitis.