The Good And The Bad Of Cholesterol

These days high cholesterol is a common symptom that often diagnosed by many doctors from their patients. Cholesterol has been known as one of the biggest threats that can cause heart disease. But, the truth is cholesterol is very useful substance in our body to help build various other substance to build our bodies.

Cholesterol is made by our liver inside our bodies. The liver produce the cholesterol to make digestion acids to digest the fat from the foods that we consume. Cholesterol is also useful to help the regeneration process in repairing and building our body cells. Other functions for cholesterol is as part to make testosterone and estrogen hormone.

Unfortunately, most people know about cholesterol from its bad effects only. So, if this substance is very useful for our body, why does cholesterol can put our health at risk? The answer is just like any other useful stuffs that exist, it can turn in to a bad thing if it is exist in excessive amount.

Just like its name, high cholesterol mean that the amount of cholesterol in the body is over the limit. Many researches has proofed that high cholesterol increases the risk of getting heart attack and arteries clogged. But, these risks can be lower down to 40% when proper action is perform after a person is diagnosed with high cholesterol at the early stage.

The symptoms

At this time, the visible symptoms for high cholesterol have not yet been found. So, the most accurate method to find out whether a person has a high cholesterol level or not is by a blood test.

A person that is looking healthy could get a high cholesterol without being notice by other people. But, certain health problems can become an early sign for high cholesterol, although those health problems may related to stroke, vascular disease or coronary disease.

Reducing the cholesterol level

If a person is diagnosed with high cholesterol level, their physician will surely suggest some immediate action to reduce the cholesterol level. Depend on the case, the method to reduce the cholesterol level can be combination of various diet and exercise programs, and if it needed, the doctors will also include some medications to help the patient reducing their cholesterol level.

To control the cholesterol level, it will be better to perform blood test regularly once every three years for healthy people and much sooner for people with high cholesterol level. This is to ensure the success of treatment to reduce the cholesterol level.

Different Type Of Typhus You Should Know About

Typhus is a type of disease which is caused by certain bacteria known as Rickettsiae bacteria. This bacteria is also known to cause other type of diseases such as Rickettsialpox, Rocky Mountan spotted fever or Boutonneuse fever. The person who got this disease will suffer from high fever that can go up to 102O F or 39O C along with terrible headache, dizziness and cloudy vision.

Due to the similarity of the symptoms in many tropical countries the typhus often get mistaken with dengue fever disease which is caused by certain type of mosquito that can be very lethal if it do not get the right treatment right away.

Typhus disease can be classified in to three different types which are;

The epidemic typhus or also called as louse-bourne typhus

This typhus type often happen to many people at the same time and become epidemic. Often happen after massive disaster due to wars or natural disaster where people often gather in a large crowd to shelter themselves and poor hygiene.

The typhus is spread by human body louse which has been infected by the typhus bacteria. Since many people are gather at the same place, the louse can easily travel from person to other person quickly, make the epidemic spread faster.

This typhus is also called as prison fever or ship fever since in the past it is often happen in prison or ship where many people are gather in a same area. The symptoms from this type of typhus are; headache, rash, exhaustion, fever, and chills.

Scrub typhus or also known as chigger-borne typhus

This type of typhus is spread by very tiny mites called chiggers. The chigger often found in areas where there are many scrubs plants. The common symptoms from this typhus type are; fever, chills, muscle pain, headache, coughing and gastrointestinal problems.

Endemic typhus or also known as flea born typhus or murine typhus

This typhus type is often spread by rat fleas. But in some case it can also spread by fleas from other animal which has been infected by the typhus bacteria. The common symptoms from this typhus type is fever, chills, coughing, joint pain, vomiting and headache.

Typhus treatment usually using tetracycline medicine or other antibiotics that related to tetracycline.

Improving Your Health With Simple Methods

Here are some simple methods that can help you to improve your overall health;

Quit smoking

I‘m sure you have heard this term countless of time, especially if you are a smoker you probably have sick too hear about it. But, the realty is there are around more than 300.000 people in United States that are suffering each year due to smoke related disease.

Smoking is not only affect the smoker’s health, it is also influence the health of other people who are near the smoker. If you cannot quit smoking by yourselves, you can get help from other people such as doctor, psychiatry or support group. Try to reduce the habit until you can completely stop.

Drink green tea

There are many health advantages by drinking green tea every day that have been proofed by various research such as reduce the blood pressure, controlling fat metabolism, help to fight cancerous cells and many more. You should try it.

Exercising around 3 hours a week

If you divide it per day it would be 30 minutes per day. You can do light jogging, taking a walk, weigh exercise or combination from those exercise. You probably do not know that 30 minutes of walking could help you to burn 170 – 220 calories.

Setup an exercise program that suit to your style and fit to your daily schedule. But, most experts believe that morning exercise have bigger effect to burn fat. So, try to wake up early and start exercising for half an hour.


Many people especially women are attracted to yoga because it less exhausting compare to normal workout such as aerobic or fitness, but it have great advantages to your health both physically and spiritually. Yoga help your muscle to stretch and relax. It is also help to tone your body.

Do not binge eating

Control the blood sugar in your body by taking smaller meals in the day around 5 times. Eat low fat foods with high protein such as fresh fruits, salad, hard boiled eggs or lean meats. Yogurt is also good choice for extra meals.

Take 8 glasses of water everyday

Fresh water is very important to keep your body healthy. It will help you to remove waste and toxin that is collected in your kidneys bladder and in your body system.

Water will keep your body hydrated, maintain the skin elasticity and health and reduce hunger. You should start your day with couple glasses of water, a glass after every meal and another glass of water every 5 to 6 hours.


It would be difficult to really fulfill our body need for nutrient from our food alone. We will need to consume a lot of foods to do it. So, to help our body get enough nutrient is by taking the supplement.

But, people need to understand that taking supplement does not mean they can neglect the healthy diets. Our body still need healthy meals to really absorb the nutrient from the supplement that we take.

So, consult to your physician about the right dosage and diet to maximize the result on the supplement that you take.

Some Basics About Our Heart And Its Works

Our heart is the strongest muscle from all of the muscles in our body. It main function is to pump the blood to every part of our body through the blood vessels. To perform this task, the heart using contractions movement in regular rhythm.

The heart is also produce a strong peptide hormone called “ANF” to regulate the blood pressure. The hormone is also influence the brain, adrenal glands, blood vein and also kidney’s regulatory region.

Our heart is actually located slightly to the left from the center in our chest below the sternum. Although our heart is the strongest muscle in our body, it is also quite fragile. Therefore, our heart is protected by a sac known as the pericardium and surrounded by our lungs.

In normal person, the weight of our heart is around 300 grams. It is divided in to four rooms consist of 2 upper atria and 2 ventricles at below. To control the blood circulation properly, our heart has valves between the atria and the ventricle.

Regulate the blood to every parts of our body is a big duty for our heart. Our heart’s beat consist from three events that happen in sequence which are; atrial systole, ventricular systole and complete cardiac diastole. This sequence is known as cardiac cycle.

In atrial systole, the atrioventricular valves is closed after the blood left from the atria to prevent the blood flowing back to the atria. You can feel this movement and know it as your own heartbeat. The valve is located between the atria and ventricular chamber.

The next events is the ventricular systole. The ventricles are contracted to flow the blood to the circulation system and then the aortic semilunar and pulmonary valves will closed to prevent the blood going back to the heart.

After the above events, the heart stop moving in very short time to let the blood entering the heart to restart the process from the first even. This event is called as the cardiac diastole.

The Danger Of Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol PoisoningNormal human body have its natural way to break down the alcohol that we consume and turn it in to harmless substance in our body. But, this ability has its own limitation. Although it is depend on each person, human liver able to break down the alcohol in 12 ounces of beer or 1.5 ounce shot or 5 ounces of champagne or wine approximately in a couple hours.

So, when people drink more than the liver’s capacity and in less than 2 hours, then their liver cannot break down all alcohol in time, and the alcohol will begin affecting your body and mind. In another world they will get drunk.

The alcohol also will reduce the breathing, heart rate and blood pressure. That also mean that your blood circulation will get slower, reducing the oxygen supply to the brain and other body parts. And if the alcohol intake is much higher, it can lead to acute alcohol intoxication or more familiar as alcohol poisoning which is much serious problem.

In alcohol poisoning every vital organs are really slowing down to the level of comatose, and if such person do not get medical attention immediately it can be very lethal and resulting in death. Even if it not resulting in death, person who survive from alcohol poisoning have high risk of getting brain damage from the comatose condition for long time and their brain is suffer from the lack of oxygen supply.

For a first medical attention, people who get alcohol poisoning usually will get their stomach pumped to take out the alcohol that they have consumed. This is a very painful process that will left some pain after few days.

As being said earlier, the amount of alcohol that can be tolerate by liver is different between each person. It depend on each person weight, size and bodies chemical. So, each person react differently toward the alcohol that they consume.

If you find someone who are passed out or falling asleep because he or she is drinking alcohol too much, you need to help them as soon as you can. Here are some first aid that you can do to help them;

At first, you should try to wake them up by call out the person’s name or pinching them.

If the person cannot give response, you should turn their body on their side. Therefore, when they are vomiting, they do not get choked or asphyxiate by their own vomit.

Check their body temperature, breathing and skin color.

Call local emergency service in the area

Do not leave them alone until the help arrive

So, keep your alcohol intake moderate, and do get carried away at party, bar, celebration or any other event that involving alcohol.