Rheumatoid Arthritis, Identifying the Early Symptoms

Rheumatoid arthritis is a serious disease that will affect and disturb the life of a person. People should pay attention with this health problem since it can infect anyone regardless who they are. Paying attention to the earliest symptoms can help people to fight this disease from early stage before it become much worse and harder to cure.

One of the early symptoms from the rheumatoid arthritis is shown by the change in the joint such as it become swollen, tender or it suddenly feels warm. There may also subcutaneous nodules located in the finger.

In United States alone, these symptoms affects around 1% of population. Although it can affect to anyone, these condition occurs to women more than men. These early conditions usually happen at the age of 25 to 50 years old, although there are some cases that it can happen at younger age of 16 years old.

Unfortunately, the main cause of this problem is still unknown, and there are still no definite cure to treat this disease. Most physician believe that this disease is triggered from interior factors from within the patient body itself.

But, there are some treatment options that can be used to relieve the pain and improve the sufferer condition and everyday lives.

If people able to recognize and identify the early symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis sooner, then they will able to start the treatment right away. So, they will have bigger chance to improve their condition and suppress the disease from progressing.

Although the rheumatoid arthritis is not a life threatening disease, the patients usually will suffer from other complication from the disease such as infection or other disorder. When their condition become much chronic, the complication become easier to emerge and increase the suffering.

Should you knows that you got the early symptoms from this disease, you need to consult to your doctor immediately to identify the problem and talk about the treatment options to treat your condition and prevent them from getting worse and acute.

Few Basic Causes For Fatigue

FatigueThere are many things that can cause fatigue to a person. To handle this situation, you need to understand the main thing that causing fatigue to your body. Here are few things that may cause fatigue;

Common causes

The most common things that can cause fatigue are; stress, poor diet, deficient soils and nutrition deficiencies. To overcome this situation, you can easily consume the proper amount of nutrient that your body lacking to and relaxation to your mind and body.

Heavy metal contamination

These days, our environment can easily contaminated by heavy metals. Toxic metals can easily appear in our neighborhood. It is even can be found in our foods, water and air. Heavy metals contamination can damage our body system especially our nerves and immune system. This will make our body cannot function properly and drain our energy and stamina.

 Parasite and microorganism contamination

Parasite contamination are often happen. They are usually infested and lived in human intestine, although there are cases where they infested other part of human body. The sizes of these parasites are varied from microscopic size to large size that can be seen without magnification such as worms.

It is not easy to determine whether our body is contaminated with parasite. To locate and determine the type parasite that may exist in your body, you should take a Comprehensive Parasitology testing. Therefore, your physician can determine the right medical treatment to remove the parasites from your body completely.

In most treatment, the doctor is usually will prescribe medication to kill the parasite in your body. After the parasite is dead, your body system will remove it from inside your body. But in some sever cases; a surgery might be needed to remove the parasite from your body. Consult to your physician to get the right treatment to get rid of the parasite from your body.

Fungus and yeast infection

Fungus and candida yeast infection are common to occur in our society these days. The infection often hard to overcome since our immune system usually breakdown during the infection and the root for the fungus has been present in the body for a long time before it is completely affecting your body.

This infection can also indicate that our body has been exposed to metal poisoning in some ways. So, you should check for heavy metal contamination test first before taking the treatment for the candida yeast infection.

Tips To Handle Holiday Season Foods

Holiday Season FoodsMost people are usually indulging themselves during the holiday season and pay less attention about the food that they consumed. The amounts of delicious foods that are available during the holiday season are too tempting to be refused.

Unfortunately, most of those foods are usually contain a lot of calories and fat. Therefore, many people are usually gain a lot of weigh during the holiday season and it will take a long time and a lot of effort to lose those extra weights, and if you do not take proper action this condition can affect your own health.

So, if you cannot resist with the temptation in taking a bite on those delicious meal, at least you can slow it down on eating too many food. Here are few tips to do it;

Breakfast with protein

Begin your days by consuming light breakfast that contains protein. This will help you to not hungry easily since our body would need longer time to absorb protein.

Pre-filling your stomach before partying

Before you went to a party, you should eat small portion of salad, fruits or fresh juice. This will help you to reduce the amount of foods that you will consume at the party and prevent you from getting second portion from the buffet table.

Consuming complex carbohydrate

Consuming foods that contain a lot of simple carbohydrates will make our body crave for more sugar intake. To prevent our body from craving more sugar, you should change your diet by consuming foods that contain much complex carbohydrate. By taking the food with low glycemic index, your body will become less craving for sugar and increase your satiation levels.

Go easy on the fast foods

Reduce your visit to the fast food restaurant during the holiday season and order more healthy food in other dining place. Remove all of the unhealthy snacks from your fridge, desk drawer and your car’s trunk and replace it with healthy or low fat snacks. This will reduce the risk of eating fast food that can make you gain weight easily.

You should eat before taking your alcohol

Do not take an alcoholic drink with an empty stomach. You are absolutely must not drink too much of it. You must eat something before and when you’re drinking. The alcohol can reduce the body inhibition that could cause overeating after you drink it.

White meat over the dark meat

During the holiday dinner, try to take more white meat than the dark meat. The white meat have less fat and more protein compare to the dark meat. This is because the white meat contain more lean muscle.

Yaws Infection

Yaws is an infection caused by spirochete bacteria. It is a tropical disease that will infect skin, and in much sever case it can even infect the bones and joints. This disease is contagious and can easily spread by skin contact with a person that already infected with the illness.

The spirochete bacteria can enter other people body from open wound on the skin. The Yaws infection will appear within a month and visible by the appearance of ulcerous papule on the skin where the bacteria enter the body without causing any pain to the skin or other body parts.

The ulcer can stay on the skin up to 9 months and a after the ulcer is healed, a new ulcer will appear on the same skin area to replace the previous one. If the infection did note received proper treatment, in 4 months new smaller ulcers will appear near the first ulcer.

This condition is indicating that the Yaws infection has entered the second stage. The smaller ulcers can combine to the nearest or the main ulcer. When this condition occur, it will causing a bigger and thicker ulcer or fissures plaque

It is estimated that around 20% of Yaws infection cases can develop into tertiary stage. This severe stage will happen if the disease does not received treatment in a decade or more. This stage will cause more damage to the skin and even to the bones.

The Yaws disease is often found in the tropical region of the world such as India, Caribbean, Oceania, West Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. Children of five to eleven years old are the most vulnerable group that could get infected with the Yaws disease.

Yaws infection can easily spotted by blood test or using the microscopic examination on an open wound. Tetracycline, erythromycin or penicillin often prescribed to treat and cure this infection. In some cases, the Yaws infection could leave permanent marks on the skin after it is cured.

Basic Information About Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a disease caused by an enterovirus that infected human and other mammals from orofacial. Hep A can enter our body easily from the foods and drinks that we consume. After entering our body, the virus will cause an inflammation of the liver or known as hepatitis.

Depending on the health condition of the people who are infected with the Hep A viruses, the severity of Hepatitis A are vary from mild to acute symptom. Unlike the other types of Hepatitis such as Hepatitis B and C, the Hepatitis A is not a life threatening disease and can cured easily, especially if the patient health is in excellent condition. But, in severe case and the patient did not get proper treatment, it can cause acute liver failure that could risking the patient life.

After the patients get infected with the Hep A, their immune system will develop antibodies that can help them eliminate the Hep A viruses from their body. Their body will keep producing the antibodies for Hepatitis A viruses for the rest of their life, creating permanent immunity to the disease.

The symptoms

There are few common symptoms that often be found from people who are infected with the Hep A virus such as; losing their appetite, dark urine, fever, stomach ache, yellow pigmentation on the skin or jaundice, vomiting, tired easily, and nausea.

The treatment

There are no special treatments for this disease. The treatment will depend on the severity of the sufferer, and most of the treatments have the main goal to improve the patient condition and relieving the symptoms until the patients build up their own antibodies against the Hepatitis A.


This disease can be avoided easily by maintaining proper sanitation and hygiene especially to our diets. In the areas where there are high risks of Hepatitis A, a Hep A vaccination often used to prevent the disease from happening.

There are also other preventive action that can be used to avoid the Hepatitis A such as:

Only drink water from trusted and reliable sources

Cook shellfish thoroughly prior consume it

Clean and disinfected the bathroom thoroughly after using it

Wash your hands with soap and warm water thoroughly when you are going to prepare the food or when eating, and after sexual activity.