Personal Health Management In Current Health Care Condition

Since a long time ago, the personal health management has been a ground principal in fighting the chronic disease. But, many chronic disease patient often do not care about it and only consider the healthcare system as a place to get cured.

This attitude should not be tolerate any more because it will only provide short term relief to the problems and do not get medical professional handling thoroughly. This is serious matter since currently more than 50% adults suffer from at least one of chronic disease.

That is why most medical provider are battling to find resources to give chronic disease patient proper quality treatment but with affordable cost.

The final goal of the personal health management is to make the patient more than just following their physician instruction. The patient must also play an active role in finding the answer for their healthcare problems to improve their own health condition.

This is mean that the chronic disease patent must be active to manage their own healthcare. They would not search and do it alone though, the patient will need to cooperate with professional medical providers to understand the problem, setting up the objectives they want to achieve and building a plan.

Other problem when provide an affective personal health management most patient do not always follow medical appointment with their doctor. This is happen because the more often the patient going to their medical appointment, the more cost they must spent to pay the medical bills.

And the appointment itself is not always about medical treatment for the patient, but some of the appointment is just about consultation and changing information among patient with their physician or medical experts.

This is mean that an effective personal health management plan require good and strong communication when the patient meet with the medical professional.

During its application over the years, few different plans have been incorporated to the program to improve the result of personal health management. One thing for sure that any plan that is use should flexible enough so it can be applied in several conditions.

This is happen due to it will be hard for the health care provider to cooperate using multiple plans. There are some aspects that should be included in any personal health management plan which are;

Patient knowledge regarding to their condition

Routine check-up and symptoms management

The agreement between the patient and medical professional when deciding to bring medical action in to the plan

Setting up communication line between the patient and the medical expert other than meeting face to face

Building and maintain a proper nutrition and exercise plans

Keep searching the proper method to perform all of the aspect above with minimal effect to the patient’s life


When selecting the personal health management plan that suit to the patient condition, the plan should include some of these aspect above.

This is necessary because many chronic illness have complication which is need to be aware of. So, using a plan that can be use in several conditions will be more cost-effective in general because it reduce the needs of several applications.

Careful planning will assist chronic disease patients to achieve the two basic goals form the modern personal health management which are; empowering the patient and improve the communication between patients with their medical providers. Patient personal health management playing main role to provide solution for the developing health care crisis.