Overcome With Stomach Flu

Overcome With Stomach FluThere are various things that can cause the stomach flu illness like from the simple food poisoning to parasite or bacteria infestation. Although the disease can be cure, it still would be inconvenient to the people who suffered from it.

This disease can be caught by anyone regardless the age or gender. Even babies can caught this illness just like their parents do. This type of disease is just one of those disease that seem cannot be get rid of.

If the disease seem be getting much worse, you should not get panic and have to stay calm then try to get medical assistance as soon as possible. Your doctor can help you to make you feel at east and able to give some simple methods, so you can treat the symptoms yourselves.

To know if you have stomach flu, you can identify it with these common symptoms like terrible stomach cramps or been throwing up. In some cases diarrhea also can indicate a stomach flu illness.

In medical terms stomach flu is known as gastroenteritis disease. It is a common illness that will make you get stomach flu symptom. The good thing is that this illness can be treat by yourselves.

For instance you could use cold medicine to clear any drainage that occurs or common medicine to treat the diarrhea, although that will not cure the stomach flu but at least it can help you to feel better by reducing the symptom. This medication can also assist to cope with stomach cramps.

You can get these common medication over the counter from drug store or convenient store. Most of these medicine contain the same ingredients, but they can quite effective to treat your stomach flu.

In case you also have fever along with the stomach flu, you can consume Advil or Tylenol to reduce the fever. This combination would help you to feel much better right away.

Basic Knowledge On Tuberculosis Disease

Tuberculosis is a dangerous infection caused by certain bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb). In most cases the Tuberculosis or often referred as TB for short usually attack our lungs. The TB can also attack the genitourinary system, central nervous system, bones and joints, circulatory system and lymphatic system.

The growth of the Mtb is quite slow. It is divides and multiplied itself around every 16 to 20 hours which is much slower than other bacteria. Most bacteria will multiply in less than an hour or even in few minutes.

But, the slow growths of Mtb become advantages and give good chance for us to get quick treatment for the Tuberculosis. It will be very frightening if the Mtb can multiply in just few minutes, the outbreak will be fast and dreadful.

The disease is highly contagious. If the TB does not handle properly it can spread quickly and deadly. TB has infecting millions of people and took the life of many people every year, especially the people who live in developing countries.

About 90% of people who are infected by the disease have asymptomatic latent TB infection (LTBI). The people who have the LTBI will have higher risk to get the active Tuberculosis disease. The Tuberculosis is among top five of the most lethal diseases in the world where it took the life of around two million people around the world.

Usually the TB infection is waxes and wanes. Proper treatment using antibiotics will help to kill and reduce the Mtb and heal the infected areas. The areas which was infected by the TB will be covered by scar tissue.

The handling procedures for the TB treatment are very extensive. They are including a physical examination, chest X-ray, checking the medical history, micro biologic smears and cultures, a serological test and a tuberculin skin test.

The treatment will require a complete medical evaluation. But, due to the severity of the disease, the intensive process is necessary to make sure the Tuberculosis is treated properly and cured completely.

Different Type Of Typhus You Should Know About

Typhus is a type of disease which is caused by certain bacteria known as Rickettsiae bacteria. This bacteria is also known to cause other type of diseases such as Rickettsialpox, Rocky Mountan spotted fever or Boutonneuse fever. The person who got this disease will suffer from high fever that can go up to 102O F or 39O C along with terrible headache, dizziness and cloudy vision.

Due to the similarity of the symptoms in many tropical countries the typhus often get mistaken with dengue fever disease which is caused by certain type of mosquito that can be very lethal if it do not get the right treatment right away.

Typhus disease can be classified in to three different types which are;

The epidemic typhus or also called as louse-bourne typhus

This typhus type often happen to many people at the same time and become epidemic. Often happen after massive disaster due to wars or natural disaster where people often gather in a large crowd to shelter themselves and poor hygiene.

The typhus is spread by human body louse which has been infected by the typhus bacteria. Since many people are gather at the same place, the louse can easily travel from person to other person quickly, make the epidemic spread faster.

This typhus is also called as prison fever or ship fever since in the past it is often happen in prison or ship where many people are gather in a same area. The symptoms from this type of typhus are; headache, rash, exhaustion, fever, and chills.

Scrub typhus or also known as chigger-borne typhus

This type of typhus is spread by very tiny mites called chiggers. The chigger often found in areas where there are many scrubs plants. The common symptoms from this typhus type are; fever, chills, muscle pain, headache, coughing and gastrointestinal problems.

Endemic typhus or also known as flea born typhus or murine typhus

This typhus type is often spread by rat fleas. But in some case it can also spread by fleas from other animal which has been infected by the typhus bacteria. The common symptoms from this typhus type is fever, chills, coughing, joint pain, vomiting and headache.

Typhus treatment usually using tetracycline medicine or other antibiotics that related to tetracycline.

Yaws Infection

Yaws is an infection caused by spirochete bacteria. It is a tropical disease that will infect skin, and in much sever case it can even infect the bones and joints. This disease is contagious and can easily spread by skin contact with a person that already infected with the illness.

The spirochete bacteria can enter other people body from open wound on the skin. The Yaws infection will appear within a month and visible by the appearance of ulcerous papule on the skin where the bacteria enter the body without causing any pain to the skin or other body parts.

The ulcer can stay on the skin up to 9 months and a after the ulcer is healed, a new ulcer will appear on the same skin area to replace the previous one. If the infection did note received proper treatment, in 4 months new smaller ulcers will appear near the first ulcer.

This condition is indicating that the Yaws infection has entered the second stage. The smaller ulcers can combine to the nearest or the main ulcer. When this condition occur, it will causing a bigger and thicker ulcer or fissures plaque

It is estimated that around 20% of Yaws infection cases can develop into tertiary stage. This severe stage will happen if the disease does not received treatment in a decade or more. This stage will cause more damage to the skin and even to the bones.

The Yaws disease is often found in the tropical region of the world such as India, Caribbean, Oceania, West Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. Children of five to eleven years old are the most vulnerable group that could get infected with the Yaws disease.

Yaws infection can easily spotted by blood test or using the microscopic examination on an open wound. Tetracycline, erythromycin or penicillin often prescribed to treat and cure this infection. In some cases, the Yaws infection could leave permanent marks on the skin after it is cured.