Music And Exercise

Music And ExerciseThe biggest and most basic aspect to your exercise success is motivation. The environment and the situation around your training location should be interesting to support your exercise motivation since you going to spend many of your time for working out.

Some research revealed that using music with faster tempo and rhythm when working out can improve the motivation when exercising. Listening music during workout can improve brain function and power by giving positive stimulation to the nerve system.

When the research was performed without music, they discover that the brain function did not show or only show small improvement. Many sport psychologist discover an increase on the sportsmen performance in exercise and in competition.

On other research, using music during exercise also improve respiration, hearth rate and the training result. People who are suffered from neuromuscular disorder can use this condition to improve their condition and using music during their rehabilitation process to improve their motor skill.

While using fast rhythm music can improve exercise, using slower rhythm music has different advantage. Slower music can help in recovery process such as relaxation, improving recovery, reducing stress and meditation.

So, slower music are not useful when engaging exercise or any physical activities that require strength, power and speed since this kind of music can lower the physical energy, potential and capacity which will reduce the exercise result. But, slower music could be used for different type of workout such as yoga, stretching or Pilates.

Therefore, people need to know which type of music that will improve their training session and maximize the result.

All in all, there is absolute proof that using music during workout session could improve the training performance, producing better result for the exercise goals, improve relaxation and recovery and overall improvement both in emotional and physical well being

Therefore for the next session of your exercise schedule you should take your music player with you and get improve on the fitness result, better achievement, motivation and faster achievement on your fitness goals.

Improving Your Health With Simple Methods

Here are some simple methods that can help you to improve your overall health;

Quit smoking

I‘m sure you have heard this term countless of time, especially if you are a smoker you probably have sick too hear about it. But, the realty is there are around more than 300.000 people in United States that are suffering each year due to smoke related disease.

Smoking is not only affect the smoker’s health, it is also influence the health of other people who are near the smoker. If you cannot quit smoking by yourselves, you can get help from other people such as doctor, psychiatry or support group. Try to reduce the habit until you can completely stop.

Drink green tea

There are many health advantages by drinking green tea every day that have been proofed by various research such as reduce the blood pressure, controlling fat metabolism, help to fight cancerous cells and many more. You should try it.

Exercising around 3 hours a week

If you divide it per day it would be 30 minutes per day. You can do light jogging, taking a walk, weigh exercise or combination from those exercise. You probably do not know that 30 minutes of walking could help you to burn 170 – 220 calories.

Setup an exercise program that suit to your style and fit to your daily schedule. But, most experts believe that morning exercise have bigger effect to burn fat. So, try to wake up early and start exercising for half an hour.


Many people especially women are attracted to yoga because it less exhausting compare to normal workout such as aerobic or fitness, but it have great advantages to your health both physically and spiritually. Yoga help your muscle to stretch and relax. It is also help to tone your body.

Do not binge eating

Control the blood sugar in your body by taking smaller meals in the day around 5 times. Eat low fat foods with high protein such as fresh fruits, salad, hard boiled eggs or lean meats. Yogurt is also good choice for extra meals.

Take 8 glasses of water everyday

Fresh water is very important to keep your body healthy. It will help you to remove waste and toxin that is collected in your kidneys bladder and in your body system.

Water will keep your body hydrated, maintain the skin elasticity and health and reduce hunger. You should start your day with couple glasses of water, a glass after every meal and another glass of water every 5 to 6 hours.


It would be difficult to really fulfill our body need for nutrient from our food alone. We will need to consume a lot of foods to do it. So, to help our body get enough nutrient is by taking the supplement.

But, people need to understand that taking supplement does not mean they can neglect the healthy diets. Our body still need healthy meals to really absorb the nutrient from the supplement that we take.

So, consult to your physician about the right dosage and diet to maximize the result on the supplement that you take.