The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation To Your Weight Loss Program

Some people believes that the less sleep you have the more calories will be burn. Well the assumption might be true at some point, since our body will require more energy when we are awake compare than when we are sleeping.

But, in reality this condition is not as simple as that. When people do not sleep enough, their energy will be greatly reduced.

This condition will make their brain thought that their body need more nourishment to restore the energy that is running low. Therefore, in the end they will starting to feel very hungry and tend to eat more especially for heavy meals that contain many calories like cakes, soft drink or ice cream.

The lack of sleep will also reduce our body ability in processing glucose. The glucose that is consumed when people have sleep deprivation cannot be process efficiently, so most of them will be stored as fat.

Finally, the people with sleep deprivation can gain weight easier. This condition also increase the chance of getting diabetes because there is too many glucose in body.

By not having enough sleep, the cortisol hormone that causing stress will also increase while metabolism is slowing down. Which mean that they are actually burn less calories.

If this condition continue, not only people who have sleep deprivation can fall into depression, their health are also at risk.

One of the easiest way to improve metabolism is by performing regular work out. Unfortunately, it will be difficult to working out when you tired and bad mood.

Therefore having enough amount of sleep is very crucial if you want to reduce your weight or at least maintain it. Here are some simple tips that could help you to the right amount of sleep and reduce sleeping deprivation;

First, you should not taking a nap for too long during the day. Sleeping too long during the day can disturb body circadian rhythm and make you stay up all night long.

Go easy on mid night snacks. Avoid consuming any foods or drink that contain stimulants such as caffeine, black tea, alcohol or sugar. This substances will make your sleep deprivation become worse. You must also avoid heavy meals that contain many carb and fat, because it will increase body fat if you consume it when the metabolism is slowing down at night.

Increase or at least maintain your workout schedule. You can do it without have to go to the gym. You can jog around the block or walk longer when doing daily activities such as working or shopping, using stairs rather than lift.

By exercising more the metabolism will be improved which will help you to have better sleep and with proper sleep, the amount of stress will be reduced significantly.

Manage your daily schedule. You should reduce the amount of activity in the evening so your body can relax before going to bed and sleep easier.

Search for help from others who have knowledge about your situation. There are many books, website, physicians or therapist that can help you to solve your sleeping deprivation problems.