The Danger Of Parasite Infestation

Any living things in this planet including, plantations, animals and human are at risk with parasite infestations. It is estimated that more than 50% of human all over the world are infested by different types of parasites.

The severity of parasite is also vary from minor symptoms to severe case that risking the life of its host. Currently there have been more than 300 species of parasite that is known to make human as it host. They can infest human body from skin, tissues, organs and even the circulatory system.

The effect of parasite infestation in human body can be categorized in to six groups such as;

Physical damage to the organs

The parasites make holes in various organs such as circulatory system, intestines, liver, lungs and other tissues and organs

Weakens or even damage organs

Gathering together to form a mass or lump

Stealing the nutrients from the body so the parasite can eat and live while the host is suffering from malnutrition.

Dumping their wastes in their host’s body

If the host cannot dispose the parasite wastes out of their body along with their own waste, it will put risking their health. In worst case, this will poison the host’s body, causing the host’s body become sick. This condition is known as verminous intoxication.

Tricking the host’s body, so the host’s body consider that the parasite is part of the host’s body.

If this happen, the immune system will not fight the parasite and let them live and grow undisturbed by self defense mechanism.