The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation To Your Weight Loss Program

Some people believes that the less sleep you have the more calories will be burn. Well the assumption might be true at some point, since our body will require more energy when we are awake compare than when we are sleeping.

But, in reality this condition is not as simple as that. When people do not sleep enough, their energy will be greatly reduced.

This condition will make their brain thought that their body need more nourishment to restore the energy that is running low. Therefore, in the end they will starting to feel very hungry and tend to eat more especially for heavy meals that contain many calories like cakes, soft drink or ice cream.

The lack of sleep will also reduce our body ability in processing glucose. The glucose that is consumed when people have sleep deprivation cannot be process efficiently, so most of them will be stored as fat.

Finally, the people with sleep deprivation can gain weight easier. This condition also increase the chance of getting diabetes because there is too many glucose in body.

By not having enough sleep, the cortisol hormone that causing stress will also increase while metabolism is slowing down. Which mean that they are actually burn less calories.

If this condition continue, not only people who have sleep deprivation can fall into depression, their health are also at risk.

One of the easiest way to improve metabolism is by performing regular work out. Unfortunately, it will be difficult to working out when you tired and bad mood.

Therefore having enough amount of sleep is very crucial if you want to reduce your weight or at least maintain it. Here are some simple tips that could help you to the right amount of sleep and reduce sleeping deprivation;

First, you should not taking a nap for too long during the day. Sleeping too long during the day can disturb body circadian rhythm and make you stay up all night long.

Go easy on mid night snacks. Avoid consuming any foods or drink that contain stimulants such as caffeine, black tea, alcohol or sugar. This substances will make your sleep deprivation become worse. You must also avoid heavy meals that contain many carb and fat, because it will increase body fat if you consume it when the metabolism is slowing down at night.

Increase or at least maintain your workout schedule. You can do it without have to go to the gym. You can jog around the block or walk longer when doing daily activities such as working or shopping, using stairs rather than lift.

By exercising more the metabolism will be improved which will help you to have better sleep and with proper sleep, the amount of stress will be reduced significantly.

Manage your daily schedule. You should reduce the amount of activity in the evening so your body can relax before going to bed and sleep easier.

Search for help from others who have knowledge about your situation. There are many books, website, physicians or therapist that can help you to solve your sleeping deprivation problems.

Simple Methods To Stay Healthy At Your Own Home

These days, the numbers of people who spend most of their time at home and working from their own home have increase. Despite the convenient of working from your own home, it can be just as stressful like working at regular office. You need to make some plans to keep your health in check by making your home healthier to stay in with.

Here are some simple methods to make the home environment able to support the health of the people who live in it;

Healthy snack and food

Rather than filling your house with treats, cookies and candy you should fill it with healthy snack and foods that can be enjoyed by children and adults instead. This also will build healthy habits for children and reduce the risks of obesity to your children. Fill your fridge with fruits and vegetable and put rice crackers in the cupboards.

Drink a glass of water every few hours

Our body often make mistake by assuming hungry when we are thirsty. This will make you grab some foods when you are actually thirsty. You could get yourselves with filter jug and fill it with mineral water and one to three slice of lemon, lime, strawberry or orange.

This will help you to quench your thirst and hold your hunger for longer time. Do not drink too much of coffee and tea since they can make you thirsty faster. Put the limit of two cups of teas or coffees per day.

Keep your mind out of boredom

Boredom can cause the sensation of hungry. This is our body’s way to inform you to change the scene immediately, so your body can reduce the amount of pressure and stress that received. You can take a little walk around the house, strolling around the neighborhood, light gardening, listening to music or other small relaxing activities.

No matter how small the change of your scenery, it will help to stimulate your brain and reduce the amount of stress. You can also do some light exercise or stretching every hours to refresh your brain. It is also can help you to prevent back pain from sitting for a long time.

Working out while doing the housework

Do the housework with energy and enthusiast. Turn the music to improve your spirit when scrubbing the floor, cleaning the furniture and windows, vacuuming, lawn mowing or sweeping. This light workout will make your body move and keep you healthier.

Make your home safer from dangerous chemical

Put cleaning substances or other dangerous chemical that you still use in the safe place and lock it so children cannot reach it easily. Throw away any unused or left over chemical safely from your house. It will be better if you can find more eco-friendly cleaner to replace the toxic and dangerous chemical substance that you are using in the house.

Exercising with the stairs in your home

The stairs in your home can be utilized as an exercise equipment to train your legs and your body. With this you will able to strengthen your hips, legs and ankle bones, increase the strength of your leg muscles and burn few calories along the way.

Few Basic Causes For Fatigue

FatigueThere are many things that can cause fatigue to a person. To handle this situation, you need to understand the main thing that causing fatigue to your body. Here are few things that may cause fatigue;

Common causes

The most common things that can cause fatigue are; stress, poor diet, deficient soils and nutrition deficiencies. To overcome this situation, you can easily consume the proper amount of nutrient that your body lacking to and relaxation to your mind and body.

Heavy metal contamination

These days, our environment can easily contaminated by heavy metals. Toxic metals can easily appear in our neighborhood. It is even can be found in our foods, water and air. Heavy metals contamination can damage our body system especially our nerves and immune system. This will make our body cannot function properly and drain our energy and stamina.

 Parasite and microorganism contamination

Parasite contamination are often happen. They are usually infested and lived in human intestine, although there are cases where they infested other part of human body. The sizes of these parasites are varied from microscopic size to large size that can be seen without magnification such as worms.

It is not easy to determine whether our body is contaminated with parasite. To locate and determine the type parasite that may exist in your body, you should take a Comprehensive Parasitology testing. Therefore, your physician can determine the right medical treatment to remove the parasites from your body completely.

In most treatment, the doctor is usually will prescribe medication to kill the parasite in your body. After the parasite is dead, your body system will remove it from inside your body. But in some sever cases; a surgery might be needed to remove the parasite from your body. Consult to your physician to get the right treatment to get rid of the parasite from your body.

Fungus and yeast infection

Fungus and candida yeast infection are common to occur in our society these days. The infection often hard to overcome since our immune system usually breakdown during the infection and the root for the fungus has been present in the body for a long time before it is completely affecting your body.

This infection can also indicate that our body has been exposed to metal poisoning in some ways. So, you should check for heavy metal contamination test first before taking the treatment for the candida yeast infection.