The Danger Of Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol PoisoningNormal human body have its natural way to break down the alcohol that we consume and turn it in to harmless substance in our body. But, this ability has its own limitation. Although it is depend on each person, human liver able to break down the alcohol in 12 ounces of beer or 1.5 ounce shot or 5 ounces of champagne or wine approximately in a couple hours.

So, when people drink more than the liver’s capacity and in less than 2 hours, then their liver cannot break down all alcohol in time, and the alcohol will begin affecting your body and mind. In another world they will get drunk.

The alcohol also will reduce the breathing, heart rate and blood pressure. That also mean that your blood circulation will get slower, reducing the oxygen supply to the brain and other body parts. And if the alcohol intake is much higher, it can lead to acute alcohol intoxication or more familiar as alcohol poisoning which is much serious problem.

In alcohol poisoning every vital organs are really slowing down to the level of comatose, and if such person do not get medical attention immediately it can be very lethal and resulting in death. Even if it not resulting in death, person who survive from alcohol poisoning have high risk of getting brain damage from the comatose condition for long time and their brain is suffer from the lack of oxygen supply.

For a first medical attention, people who get alcohol poisoning usually will get their stomach pumped to take out the alcohol that they have consumed. This is a very painful process that will left some pain after few days.

As being said earlier, the amount of alcohol that can be tolerate by liver is different between each person. It depend on each person weight, size and bodies chemical. So, each person react differently toward the alcohol that they consume.

If you find someone who are passed out or falling asleep because he or she is drinking alcohol too much, you need to help them as soon as you can. Here are some first aid that you can do to help them;

At first, you should try to wake them up by call out the person’s name or pinching them.

If the person cannot give response, you should turn their body on their side. Therefore, when they are vomiting, they do not get choked or asphyxiate by their own vomit.

Check their body temperature, breathing and skin color.

Call local emergency service in the area

Do not leave them alone until the help arrive

So, keep your alcohol intake moderate, and do get carried away at party, bar, celebration or any other event that involving alcohol.