The Good And The Bad Of Cholesterol

These days high cholesterol is a common symptom that often diagnosed by many doctors from their patients. Cholesterol has been known as one of the biggest threats that can cause heart disease. But, the truth is cholesterol is very useful substance in our body to help build various other substance to build our bodies.

Cholesterol is made by our liver inside our bodies. The liver produce the cholesterol to make digestion acids to digest the fat from the foods that we consume. Cholesterol is also useful to help the regeneration process in repairing and building our body cells. Other functions for cholesterol is as part to make testosterone and estrogen hormone.

Unfortunately, most people know about cholesterol from its bad effects only. So, if this substance is very useful for our body, why does cholesterol can put our health at risk? The answer is just like any other useful stuffs that exist, it can turn in to a bad thing if it is exist in excessive amount.

Just like its name, high cholesterol mean that the amount of cholesterol in the body is over the limit. Many researches has proofed that high cholesterol increases the risk of getting heart attack and arteries clogged. But, these risks can be lower down to 40% when proper action is perform after a person is diagnosed with high cholesterol at the early stage.

The symptoms

At this time, the visible symptoms for high cholesterol have not yet been found. So, the most accurate method to find out whether a person has a high cholesterol level or not is by a blood test.

A person that is looking healthy could get a high cholesterol without being notice by other people. But, certain health problems can become an early sign for high cholesterol, although those health problems may related to stroke, vascular disease or coronary disease.

Reducing the cholesterol level

If a person is diagnosed with high cholesterol level, their physician will surely suggest some immediate action to reduce the cholesterol level. Depend on the case, the method to reduce the cholesterol level can be combination of various diet and exercise programs, and if it needed, the doctors will also include some medications to help the patient reducing their cholesterol level.

To control the cholesterol level, it will be better to perform blood test regularly once every three years for healthy people and much sooner for people with high cholesterol level. This is to ensure the success of treatment to reduce the cholesterol level.