Tips To Handle Holiday Season Foods

Holiday Season FoodsMost people are usually indulging themselves during the holiday season and pay less attention about the food that they consumed. The amounts of delicious foods that are available during the holiday season are too tempting to be refused.

Unfortunately, most of those foods are usually contain a lot of calories and fat. Therefore, many people are usually gain a lot of weigh during the holiday season and it will take a long time and a lot of effort to lose those extra weights, and if you do not take proper action this condition can affect your own health.

So, if you cannot resist with the temptation in taking a bite on those delicious meal, at least you can slow it down on eating too many food. Here are few tips to do it;

Breakfast with protein

Begin your days by consuming light breakfast that contains protein. This will help you to not hungry easily since our body would need longer time to absorb protein.

Pre-filling your stomach before partying

Before you went to a party, you should eat small portion of salad, fruits or fresh juice. This will help you to reduce the amount of foods that you will consume at the party and prevent you from getting second portion from the buffet table.

Consuming complex carbohydrate

Consuming foods that contain a lot of simple carbohydrates will make our body crave for more sugar intake. To prevent our body from craving more sugar, you should change your diet by consuming foods that contain much complex carbohydrate. By taking the food with low glycemic index, your body will become less craving for sugar and increase your satiation levels.

Go easy on the fast foods

Reduce your visit to the fast food restaurant during the holiday season and order more healthy food in other dining place. Remove all of the unhealthy snacks from your fridge, desk drawer and your car’s trunk and replace it with healthy or low fat snacks. This will reduce the risk of eating fast food that can make you gain weight easily.

You should eat before taking your alcohol

Do not take an alcoholic drink with an empty stomach. You are absolutely must not drink too much of it. You must eat something before and when you’re drinking. The alcohol can reduce the body inhibition that could cause overeating after you drink it.

White meat over the dark meat

During the holiday dinner, try to take more white meat than the dark meat. The white meat have less fat and more protein compare to the dark meat. This is because the white meat contain more lean muscle.