Understanding The Fibromyalgia Syndrome

There are millions of both men and women who are suffer from fibromyalgia syndrome. This disease tend to make the sufferers physical condition become weak because the pain is spread to various body parts and the sufferers hard to feel fresh even with enough rest and sleep.

Fibromyalgia often accompany by other health problems like the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or even auto-immune problems. Most physician can perform tender point test to diagnose the disease, but for more accurate information the sufferer can check to a Rheumatologist for second opinion.

Although tender point test can be used to diagnose the Fibromyalgia, this test is not a basic method to determine the disease. The trigger point test is associated to pain that related to the myofascial pain syndrome.

In many cases, doctors misdiagnose the disease with hypochondria or depression. In the case of fibromyalgia, the sufferers will have Substance P in their bodies which is the substance that transmit pain in their nerve system.

This condition will reduce their endurance against pain and increase their sensitivity for pain. This situation explain why the sufferers would feel extremely pain even with a small wound or injury.

Fibromyalgia sufferers must have enough sleep as part of their treatment. The fibromyalgia sufferers have difficulties to reach the stage four of sleep where the regeneration and body repairmen process occurs. That is why the sufferer often feels tired even after sleeping for long time.

Many fibromyalgia sufferers also experiencing fibro fog or also called as brain fog in addition to their condition. In this condition the sufferer will feel like being inside a fog that affecting to their senses. This problem usually caused by the brain is being over burden because all of the pain that are being experiencing by the sufferer.

Even this illness is not a lethal disease, most sufferer feels that the symptoms gradually is getting worsen. This is a common problem for Fibromyalgia sufferers.

Unfortunately this disease still has no cure until this day. But, there are various methods and treatment to help sufferer reduce the pain, improve their sleeping quality and control their problem.