Yaws Infection

Yaws is an infection caused by spirochete bacteria. It is a tropical disease that will infect skin, and in much sever case it can even infect the bones and joints. This disease is contagious and can easily spread by skin contact with a person that already infected with the illness.

The spirochete bacteria can enter other people body from open wound on the skin. The Yaws infection will appear within a month and visible by the appearance of ulcerous papule on the skin where the bacteria enter the body without causing any pain to the skin or other body parts.

The ulcer can stay on the skin up to 9 months and a after the ulcer is healed, a new ulcer will appear on the same skin area to replace the previous one. If the infection did note received proper treatment, in 4 months new smaller ulcers will appear near the first ulcer.

This condition is indicating that the Yaws infection has entered the second stage. The smaller ulcers can combine to the nearest or the main ulcer. When this condition occur, it will causing a bigger and thicker ulcer or fissures plaque

It is estimated that around 20% of Yaws infection cases can develop into tertiary stage. This severe stage will happen if the disease does not received treatment in a decade or more. This stage will cause more damage to the skin and even to the bones.

The Yaws disease is often found in the tropical region of the world such as India, Caribbean, Oceania, West Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. Children of five to eleven years old are the most vulnerable group that could get infected with the Yaws disease.

Yaws infection can easily spotted by blood test or using the microscopic examination on an open wound. Tetracycline, erythromycin or penicillin often prescribed to treat and cure this infection. In some cases, the Yaws infection could leave permanent marks on the skin after it is cured.